Matchmaker Versus Social Escort Agency – Are They The Same?

Matchmaker Versus Social Escort Agency – Are They The Same?

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To some lay people in Singapore, it can feel that a matchmaker service and SG escort service are highly similar.

To add on to this confusion, rent-a-friend services and sugar dating websites popped up in recent years, and they all make these just even more confusing to the layman.

So are they the same or different?

There is a world of difference, and they are suitable for completely different purposes. Let us talk about that.

One is for a long term relationship, one is for a short term no strings attached one

First of all, a matchmaking dating agency in Singapore is one which attempts to match up clients of both genders to each other. While it may not always end in marriage, the purpose is to ideally match two people up who may then be able to start a long term relationship together. Both the guys and the girls are the clients and the agency simply serves as a middle man who qualifies the potential dates. A long term relationship is the end goal.

You may want to note that matchmakers simply find you whom you want, or someone as close to that as humanly possible. They are unable to make the girl you want your bride – or that will be known as mail order bride, not matchmaking, which is illegal in SG! So please do not ask matchmakers in Singapore weird questions related to mail order brides or arranged marriages.

However, a social escort agency simply provides (usually) a girl for companionship to a male client. The girls are working with the agency, and the guys are the clients. It is more of provision of a service. After the number of hours you have engaged the respective escort girl for, she will simply go off. She has no intention of keeping in contact with you, as she joined an escort agency for privacy reasons. This is purely for a short term, no strings attached relationship. Of course, for the best experience, always make sure to find Singaporean escorts who specialize in the girlfriend experience, GFE.

You may also want to note the following. Likewise, for female escort services, agencies can only legally arrange for companionship. Agencies are unable to legally arrange or facilitate for sexual services, or that will be known as pimping which is illegal in Singapore! So do not break local laws and try to solicit prostitution from escort agencies!

One is more ‘taboo’ than the other

While matchmaking can still make some people feel embarrassed in Singapore, it is relatively less taboo. Some people may feel embarrassed if they need to engage the services of a matchmaker to find their partner. However, matchmaking and even online dating applications are already becoming more of a norm in Singapore, where every professional is too busy working to date normally.

On the other hand, SG escort services can still be seen as very taboo in Singapore. While it can be perfectly legal to engage such social escorts in Singapore, conservative Asian cultures in Singapore can still make it seem very taboo.

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