How To Get A Girlfriend In Singapore – Almost Guaranteed Way

How To Get A Girlfriend In Singapore – Almost Guaranteed Way

get a Singapore girlfriend

If you want to get a girlfriend in Singapore, then read this post. If you prefer a shortcut and having a middle man, then use a matchmaker like

Getting a girlfriend in Singapore is not necessarily complicated, it is actually very simple if and only if you know the necessary steps. Skip even just one of these steps and your chances of getting one exponentially increases.

Dress well and you will beat 99% of Singaporean men

First of all, dress decently. If you do not expect to fall in love or like a girl who dresses like a slob, then do not expect to attract girls if you dress like one too. It is mutual. In fact, for the men who like to dress casual, even when trying to pick up girls, think about this. If you are at home, you can wear your pyjamas. So why do you not wear pyjamas to your job or interviews? Why not? Because you put in effort to look good. If you are willing to put in effort into such stuff, why would you put in any less effort into dressing to get a girlfriend? You need every edge you can possibly have.

Get into shape – you want fit girls, so why won’t girls want a fit guy?

Second of all, this can be a tough one, but get into shape. You need not have six pack abs and chiselled arms to get a girlfriend. That is a lie. However, looking fit is definitely important. You do not want toothpick arms or a belly that plops over your trousers.

Some may argue – why should I do that, girls should love me for who I am, not how I look. To which I always reply, then why are you judging girls by how they look? It works the same both ways once again!

Do not be funny, do not be cool – be yourself

What I am referring to here is your personality and behavior. While you want to get into shape, and dress well, personality wise, you want to remain you.

Whether we like it or not, dating is a relatively superficial game. The opposite party has to at least find you eye-pleasing before giving you a chance. Therefore, dressing up and getting into shape is to simply get you to the front door. Now, you want to be you when it comes to interacting with the girl you like. You can try being someone else – however you will run into a problem playing that role forever. You want a girl to be interested enough in your looks, to want to know more about you. You then want her to fall in love with your personality. If you are a serious guy, you do not want to be funny with a girl. Because she is never going to be your girlfriend wants she finds out that is not your true personality anyway. Same goes for the contrary.

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