Who Are The Clients Who Look For Escorts In Singapore?

Who Are The Clients Who Look For Escorts In Singapore?

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Many men, both locals and foreigners, look for an escort in Singapore. Singaporean escorts are absolutely beautiful, classy and educated. This is quite unlike that of escorts from any other countries. Therefore, many men look for SG girls while in Singapore.

However, who are these clients of escorts, and why do these men look for them? Let us explore this topic further in this article.

A look into the demographics of these men who look for escorts in Singapore.

While there will always be exceptions, these are the common groups of men who search for and hire a social escort. Some of these are locals, while some of these men are foreigners.

Busy Singaporean men who are focused on their careers

The first group of Singaporean men who look for social escorts are busy career men.

Many career focused men are often very busy. This is because they put in all their time, focus and effort into building their business or advancing their careers. However, since everyone only has 24 hours in a day, and most of the hours of these busy men’s lives are put into work, this means that the amount of time available for social activities will be diminished.

Sometimes, these men are very smooth with the ladies. However, they may not be able to pull out time of their lives to actually meet girls. They probably only have a few hours of self time daily, and those are spent recuperating for the next working day.

Therefore, these busy Singaporean men look for social escorts instead. Social escorts are basically no strings attached form of dating. There is no need to chat up a pretty girl before being able to meet her on a one to one date. You just pay and you hire a social escort instantly. There is immediate gratification.

Older men

The second group of social escort clients will be older men in Singapore.

Some older men prefer younger girls. The problem? In a typical bar scene, the girl would not even look at the much older man because she will automatically assume he is married or attached. On dating applications, she will not even put a much older age than herself into the preferred age range! This means these young and pretty Singaporean girls will not even see these older men on dating applications.

Therefore, many of these older men often turn to transactional forms of relationships at some point in their lives. They could either date a sugar baby or a female escort in Singapore.

Successful but introverted men

Third of all, it will be successful but introverted or less socially adept Singaporean men.

Not every successful man in Singapore is smooth with the ladies. They are probably hardworking, smart and business smart, but that does not always translate to dating success. This is especially the case for introverted and not as socially adept Singaporean men.

Most of these men also tend to have been career focused when they were younger, which meant they have less experience dating and socializing. They can therefore be more awkward around the fairer sex, and so sometimes decide to just date social escorts instead.

Men who are freshly single

Some SG guys who are freshly single look for social escorts.

Some Singaporean men just got out of a bad relationship, or perhaps even a bad marriage. For these men, they do not necessarily want to enter a long term relationship ever again, or at least, for the short to middle term. Therefore, some of these SG guys look for social escorts in the meantime.

Guys who do not want to ever get married

There are many guys who intend to remain single forever who look for an escort in Singapore.

There are many guys in Singapore who do not want to get married. For these men, they will usually flirt around. Some of them choose to date sugar babies or escorts instead, as a way to still date without the strings attached. This gives them the companionship that they want without the emotional hassles and attachments.

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