How To Make Sure You Find A Legit Escort Agency In Singapore

How To Make Sure You Find A Legit Escort Agency In Singapore

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In a country like Singapore, it is imperative that if you want to enjoy your time with an escort, to only engage them from a legit, legal and registered company with official Singapore registered company records – here’s an example. The last thing you want happening to you is for the agency to get busted doing vice activities, and then your details being spilled out to the public as a result of the agency being investigated. Since Singapore is a strict country on laws, make sure to read these tips before hiring any escort. While they are by no means comprehensive nor legal advice (just a friendly advice from your friend here!), it is definitely more than enough for most clients looking for social escorts in Singapore.

First of all, a legitimate agency in Singapore will have a registration number. This registration number is known as a business UEN number, which is registered with the local Singapore government. If a business has this number, they will usually publicly display it on their website.

Second of all, a real company in Singapore would have a local number. If you are a foreigner, Singapore’s local numbers all start with +65 and there will be 8 digits after that. Ever see a website saying they are real Singaporeans and yet they provide you with a foreign number or a different country code? Chances are, they are not local, and just pretending to be one! And chances are if they are lying to you about their number, there is a very good chance they are lying to you about their photos and all too! If you have been scammed before, you will know what I am talking about.

Third of all, if the company and social escort agency is advertising prostitution services, then it clearly is either not a real ‘company’ or they are blatantly flouting local laws. Singapore laws forbid soliciting of prostitution in public, and that includes over the Internet or communication devices. Therefore, if you engaged them, chances are you are engaging in an agency engaging in vice activities, and if they get busted, your privacy gets busted as well. So make sure not to do this.

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