To effectively implement and grow The Leader in Me™ Initiative and culture within all schools and the community throughout Bowling Green-Warren County.

What is The Leader In Me?

The Leader in Me is not just another program that schools are being asked to implement. Rather, it is a process of growing leaders. The Leader in Me model recognizes that all children have the potential to lead. This Executive Summary is also available in PDF format.

With an integrated approach to teaching leadership using Dr. Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, The Leader in Me uses the 7 Habits throughout its model—incorporating the language and concepts into everyday life. Using this model allows all involved to “put first things first,” “be proactive” and “think win-win.”

Students are becoming inspired by The Leader in Me and are investing themselves in the initiative. Jannah Bolin, a Warren County Public Schools student, even wrote a song about the 7 Habits to the tune of Adele's "Rolling in the Deep." Watch Jannah's music video here.

Results for the Future

As they familiarize themselves with the 7 Habits, students will carry those principles from their classrooms to their homes, giving their families an opportunity to learn the 7 Habits as well. Parents and guardians will then apply the 7 Habits in their lives, including their workplaces. In short, the 7 Habits become a part of the community, not just part of the schools. Once students have completed school, they will carry the principles into their post-secondary educations and into the workplace. Business leaders will see:

  • An increase in the quality of the available workforce because of higher graduation rates and improved soft skill development (work ethic, leadership, communication, goal setting, etc.)
  • Expanded and new business opportunities in the region as The Leader in Me becomes an important asset to economic development expansion, retention and attraction efforts because companies see the value of The Leader in Me and its impact of the future workforce.
  • Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce

    The Chamber strongly believes that The Leader in Me prepares the future workforce by teaching children about leadership, accountability, teamwork and much more—all of which are integral skills for talent development. The Leader in Me will help our community differentiate itself from others as our workforce gains more skills that help companies compete in the global economy.

    The Chamber is collaborating with the Bowling Green Independent Schools, the Warren County Public Schools and the FranklinCovey® organization to implement The Leader in Me in our schools.

    As the implementation grows, so does the need for funding. The Chamber is in the beginning phases of a capital campaign to fund The Leader in Me. With the goal of raising $1.6 million, this capital campaign will fund the initial implementation in the districts’ existing schools. Using the campaign funds, Bowling Green-Warren County will become the first community in the nation to have implemented The Leader in Me in all schools and in all grades K-12.

    By supporting The Leader in Me, the Chamber demonstrates our commitment to the local community. The Leader in Me will teach children to be effective leaders, grow the capacity of our workforce and differentiate us from the ever-increasingly competitive landscape for business, jobs and economic growth.

    What are the results of The Leader in Me?

    Nearly 1591 schools worldwide are implementing The Leader in Me. These schools are consistently reporting:

    • Increases in students’ self-confidence, teamwork, initiative, responsibility, creativity, self-direction, leadership, problem-solving, communication, diversity awareness and academic performance
    • Improved school culture
    • Higher test scores
    • Dramatic decreases in disciplinary issues
    • Increased teacher pride and engagement
    • Greater parent satisfaction and involvement


    Muriel Summers, principal at A.B. Combs Elementary School in Raleigh, N.C., talks about how The Leader in Me™ began 13 years ago. Summers was the keynote speaker for the March 2012 Chamber Coffee Hour, kicking off our local The Leader in Me effort. Summers, also, has been on-site with our schools as part of The Leader in Me training and implementation.

    The Movement

    The Leader in Me is spreading worldwide. Teachers, parents, business executives and many more individuals are sharing the successes that they have seen because of this initiative. Click here for the case study written by Joshua Covey on the Chamber’s one-of-its kind implementation of The Leader in Me. Watch this video to learn more about The Leader in Me.

    The 7 Habits Song

    Whether teaching students to work together in groups or to plan their days, The Leader in Me gives students valuable life skills that will be carried into their adult lives. Warren County Public Schools student Jannah Bolin wrote lyrics about the 7 Habits and performs them to Adele's "Rolling in the Deep."

    Lives Changed

    The Leader in Me empowers students to change the trajectory of their lives. Meet a couple students in this video who are forever impacted by The Leader in Me.

    Contact Us

    There are several ways to support The Leader in Me Capital Campaign. Contact Vice President, Partnership Services Tonya Matthews, IOM, ACE, CCE to discuss these opportunities in further detail:

    270-781-3200 or