About our brief history

The Leader In Me SCK is a Singapore founded Internet media corporation and also one of the fastest growing digital media marketing platforms in Singapore for our advertisers.

With most of our visitors being middle class and above and well over 50 per cent of our website visitors between ages of 28 and 55, we are an attractive platform for many types of advertisers looking to market to the local Singapore market.

90% or more of our visitors are on their mobile daily, and we seek to engage them by creating high-quality content with social sharing innately built into it.


Regardless whether you require a simple ad or perhaps even a full-service campaign, we can produce and publish it for you. Just email at contact@theleaderinmesck.com.

Who are we

We started out as one guy writing the articles and sharing the articles. We have now expanded to a team of 3 virtual assistants on top of the founder – SCK!

Contact Us

If you have feedback or would like to simply contact us, then please email us at contact@theleaderinmesck.com or use the email form below:

    Join Us

    Right now, we are only hiring virtual assistants to work part time from home due to cost-savings as we are still a relatively young start up. If you would like to join us, send us your resume to work@theleaderinmesck.com